Welcome to the making of a classic top down Survival Shooter video game where you play Flint, a once much loved Hunter from the village of RockenGlass, one day he disappeared and became a local legend, a ghost hunter that watches over WhiteTomb, destroying the zombies that represent a threat to his home.

ColorPlayer   Post 1 : Game overview and player concept art : In this post I will talk about the game I am planning to make     and show you 6 radically different characters I drew for the player character !


RedSparrowArt  Post 2 : Player character ” Red Sparrow ” : Here I will show you the player character I have chosen as well as his story and weapons !


 SplashScreenPost 3 : A huge change of plan :  In this post I will share with you the change of plan I have for the futur of Zombomb !


FlintCharacterFinalPost 4 : Flint the ghost hunter :   Here I show you the 3D model of my main player character, Flint the ghost hunter !


RunningDeadFinalPost 5 : The Running Dead zombie : In this post you will discover the first zombie for Zombomb, the quick and cunning Running Dead !


RottenWalkerFinalPost 6 : The Rotten Walker zombie : Here I will show you the second zombie for Zombomb, the rotten walker !

LoseScreenPost 7 : Game Illustrations and environment models : You will discover some more models for my video game as well as some cool illustrations I made for the Main Menu and Lose Screen !