Vorax the scientist !

In this post I will show you the second character I madeĀ for my Monster Maker animated short : Vorax the mad scientist. Last year I also made a mad scientist […]

Skeleton Monster Character

Hi everyone and welcome back ! In this post I am going to showcase my new 3D character, the skeleton reaper ! This character was inspired by the illustration I […]

Birth of a new world

Hello everyone ! I am very excited to annonce that I have started inventing a new world named Blackthorn. My plan is to write a book set in this new […]

Niko and the sword of light Fan art

Hi everyone ! Today I want to talk about the fan art character I am making from Imaginism studios, Niko. Imaginism studios is a very small company that makes concept […]

Fort Keeper and some figure drawing

Hi everyone and welcome back to BlackthornProd ! After looking at the original character designs for my all new strategic board game Fort Keeper I wasn’t really satisfied. I wasn’t […]