Making a Game

Making games is a huge amount of fun but it is also a huge amount of work, video games envolve concept art, character and environment modelling, texturing, rigging and animation but on top of all that there is programming, in other words, making your game actually work and come to life, making your game fun to play !

I prefer drawing, creating characters and animation and my brother, Liam, loves to code. Together we make up the perfect team and so, in this section, you will se how we make video games, from the drawing board to the finished product !

I have put some of my games on (including the latest ones) ! Here is the LINK 🙂 ! Sadly they are not all on because I only discovered it quite recently, and building each of my games for the platform is both time consuming and comlex ! But I can guarantee that all my games from now on will be on !



Zombomb : This is a classical isometric top down shooter game where you have to try and survive the longest time possible against hordes of zombies ! FAILED PROJECT



Midnight Fire : In this isometric top down shooter game you take control of a little gnome character trying to survive the longets possible against the undead that plague the woods ! SUCCESSFUL PROJECT


Check out the indie game dev journal episode 1, where I talk about how I made Midnight Fire and show some actual gameplay !



Color Shooter : BlackthornProd’s next survival game, where you play a squishy yellow character shooting back other squishy characters. Color Shooter is a game of quick thinking, reflexes and colors.

Check out episode 2 of the indie game dev journal on my Youtube Channel where I talk about Color Shooter !



Raining Apocalypse : This game will also test your reflexes as you dodge meteors and bombs that are falling from the sky !


Here is episode 3 of the indie game dev Journal ! Look at me playing Raining Apocalypse !



Surviving Hell : This is a bigger, better version of Midnight Fire ! This time you control a little angel that as been accidently sent to hell ! You must escape from the devil’s clutches and claim what is rightfully yours, eternal peace amidst the clouds !

In episode 4 I give you a look of Surviving Hell in action ! I also, as usual, discuss some of the process I went through to create this game !


Roundalot : is BlackthornProd’s first mini RPG ! You will play a little boy armed with a handy wooden bow and a bunch of arrows ! In this mini open world you will discover dangerous monsters, quests and magic !

Check out episode 5 and 6 of the indie Game Dev journal where I show you the entire game all while talking about how I made it !