Making a Game

Since October 2016 I have seriously dived into the world of games, starting out as BlackthornProd’s lead game designer and artist. I have also, since February 2017 got into game programming with C# ! To bring my imagination to life I use the amazing game engine Unity 🙂 !

I simply love this art form, I love making games and playing them… down below you will find a list of all the “main” game projects I have created (two were made with my bro Liam, 15 years old – Midnight Fire and Color Shooter, the rest was made from scratch by me) !

You can play most of my games on, no download since the games can be played directly in your browser ! Playing them and telling me what you think would be fantastic 🙂 ! The two games I made with my bro can be played by downloading them on Github (very quick and easy I promise), you will find all the links down below !



Zombomb : This is a classical isometric top down shooter game where you have to try and survive the longest time possible against hordes of zombies ! FAILED PROJECT


Midnight Fire : In this isometric top down shooter game you take control of a little gnome character trying to survive the longets possible against the undead that plague the woods !


Check out the indie game dev journal episode 1, where I talk about how I made Midnight Fire and show some actual gameplay !


Color Shooter : BlackthornProd’s next survival game, where you play a squishy yellow character shooting back other squishy characters. Color Shooter is a game of quick thinking, reflexes and colors.

Check out episode 2 of the indie game dev journal on my Youtube Channel where I talk about Color Shooter !



Raining Apocalypse : This game will also test your reflexes as you dodge meteors and bombs that are falling from the sky !


Here is episode 3 of the indie game dev Journal ! Look at me playing Raining Apocalypse !



Surviving Hell : This is a bigger, better version of Midnight Fire ! This time you control a little angel that as been accidently sent to hell ! You must escape from the devil’s clutches and claim what is rightfully yours, eternal peace amidst the clouds !

In episode 4 I give you a look of Surviving Hell in action ! I also, as usual, discuss some of the process I went through to create this game !


Roundalot : is BlackthornProd’s first mini RPG ! You will play a little boy armed with a handy wooden bow and a bunch of arrows ! In this mini open world you will discover dangerous monsters, quests and magic !

Check out episode 5 and 6 of the indie Game Dev journal where I show you the entire game all while talking about how I made it !


The Vicious Cycle V 1 : is an extremly simple but (in my humble game developer opinion) very fun local multiplayer game I made in about 2 weeks ! You must battle your friend by wrapping your head around a simple mechanic : cube beats triangle, sphere beats cube and triangle beats sphere !

I have plans to make a new, better and more complete version of the game in the future, so keep an eye out for that 🙂 !



The Horizontal Kingdom : is BlackthornProd’s first 2D game, a fast paced tower defense where you must stop advancing monsters from reaching your towers ! The game is really simple to understand but you will see, hard to master 🙂 !

You can check out episode 7 of the indie game dev journal on my Youtube channel, where I show you the game in action !


The Enemies Within : is a challenging, short FPS game set in the mind of a tormented character. You must defeat the doubts, critics and haters lurking in his head all the while hearing scary echoing voices telling you what you can or cannot do…