Midnight Fire

After the first failed attempt to make a full fledge video game (Zombomb, a game, I, Noa Calice, tried completly alone), BlackthornProd is attempting to make another top down isometric survival shooter game special for Halloween 2016 ! And this time, I won’t be making the game from scratch on my own ! My brother Liam, web designer/developer and now novice game developer is joining me full time as a coder for the video game ! This summer (2016) we tried collaborating to make a game which didn’t work out because as soon as things got hard we gave up. But this time, with a few more months experience and maturity under our belt we are two hunded percent motivated to give it another go !

Here you will find in order all the blog posts related to the game, from the concept art to the finished game (with coding). So enjoy seeing the art and code of two upstarts hoping to make there first collaborated project!

playermodelIn this post you will see how the game is coming along. A little less than midway through the production process.



gamescreenshot04Here I talk in more detail about how me and Liam brought our game to life, actually finished it from A to Z !