In this post I am going to show you more drawings I have done in Photoshop through out this week ! Lately I don’t fell like I have much time […]

Monster Egg - A short 2D animation

Welcome back everybody to BlackthornProd ! I have just spent three amazing weeks in the mountains ( Serre Chevalier ), 21 days were I hardly touched a computer but now […]

Vorax the scientist !

In this post I will show you the second character I made for my Monster Maker animated short : Vorax the mad scientist. Last year I also made a mad scientist […]

Birth of a new world

Hello everyone ! I am very excited to annonce that I have started inventing a new world named Blackthorn. My plan is to write a book set in this new […]

Main Story line for Zombomb

The small village of RockenGlass is famous for its cemetery : White Tomb. To reach the ancient tombs one must walk through the dark spooky woods, through the foggy hills of Willowhite […]