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Hi guys and welcome to BlackthornProd, my name is Noa Calice and I am 17 years old !

Since the summer of 2015 I have been immersed in the world of digital art and animation, every day my love for bringing worlds and characters to life grows as I learn and discover more and more about this amazing media ! Since October 2016 I have dived into game development and as the weeks pass my passion for this industry grows ! I have already made a couple games and more are in the making !

To do all these awesome things I use softwares such as Autodesk Maya, Mudbox  and Photoshop, I also have a growing knowledge in the Unity game Engine, programming in C# and the art of game design.

You should know straight away though that I am a huge beginner and have tons and tons of things to learn, that is why I created this blog, so I can show you all the things I am going to do to become a master game developer !

For more about me I definitly urge you to check out my Youtube Channel where I post tutorials and animations, its very new but I have a lot of plans to make big tutorial series on making games so subscribing will really help me out ! I have also started the indie game dev journal which shows my games in action as well as an overview of the thought process behind making them !

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You can aslo check my CG Society profile page !

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Liam Calice, my 15 years old brother and newest member of the BlackthornProd team !

My brother Liam has officially joined BlackthornProd (October 2016) ! Liam is a passionate web developer and designer with over one year of experience as well as a game developer ! His skills in web dev will be extremly valuable to showcase Blackthornprod’s work !

He knows many languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, ruby on rails, Php and now C# !

With Liam as lead game programmer Blackthornprod made Midnight Fire (very first game) and Color Shooter ! His skills in programming and his sharp eye for detecting bugs and problems are and will be very valuable for futur game projects !