What have I been doing for the last month ???

Welcome back to BlackthornProd !

It’s been almost a month since my last post, but don’t worry, you know by now that I am not the type to sit around idle for such a long time, I have actually been working on a packet of fun, exciting projects that can also benefit you !

Yep, as I mentioned in the previous posts, I have seriously started working on my Youtube channel : BlackthornProd. Since the beginning of August, Youtube has been one of my main projects, the goal being to get subscribers and create an audience ! And WOW, it’s gone really well so far !

I have reached the 100 mark, I now have a 105 subscribers, it’s going up slowly but surely 🙂 !

So on my Youtube channel I have been working on 3 different series (playlists) : the how to make a 2D customization menu in Unity, a short tutorial series of 6 videos, aimed for beginner to intermediate Unity and C# developers ! With that project complete, I started making with my brother Liam another series : C# fundamentals in one hour, an illustrated guide.

We have only made two videos of that series so far : the intro video, and one explaining what VARIABLES are all about. I am really happy at how each video looks and is presented. Creating a video, a good quality one takes A LOT of work. All my videos are illustrated with little white characters that have basically become my mascots ! I use these characters to illustrate what I’m saying and to explain concepts and techniques in a clearer, funner way !

My video editing skills are continuously improving which is great but also a little annoying. I find myself looking at my first videos (made just a little more than a month ago) and feel like they can be improved in a number of ways ! A month or even a year from now, I will most probably think the same of the videos I am making right now !

One thing I defintely need to do, and fast, is buy myself a better microphone ! I am using this cheap 22 euro microphone, as a result the sound on my videos isn’t top notch, with horrible sounding “P” and “S” !

I have also released 4 videos on a new series called : THE INDIE GAME DEV JOURNAL !

Now you may know that a few months ago I started a series with the exact same name, basically making a video for each one of my games, showing the game in question and talking about how I made it, the difficulties encountered… but they were ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE ! I would start recording my voice with zero plan in mind, resulting in a bloated nonsense !

So I deleted all the crap that lay around my channel, every single crappy video was removed, my channel now only has the good, new videos I have took time and love to create. And so I have remade 4 episodes of the indie game dev journal, short quality videos, illustrated and informative ! Here is the link to the playlist, if you have any interest whatsovever in game creation, I urge you to check out this series 🙂 !

I plan to continue making content on my channel, my goal as I said before : to reach the nice round number of 1000 subscribers by July 2018, 1000 minimum, and I believe I can acheive this !

Working on this channel is awesome, I am building a brand for BlackthornProd… I have created my logo and mascots, and plan to create BlackthornProd T-Shirts, Mugs, Stickers ! Here is the link to the channel, if you enjoy the videos subscribing would be awesome and really appreciated, just one subscriber more gives so much joy to me and my brother !

Other than the creation of Youtube videos I have been working on a new game with my brother called Bring your imagination to life ! We have been working on it for about a month, and it is almost complete !

I think I have gone on long enough ! But stay tuned, for in the next post I will show you Bring Your Imagination to Life, a 2D platformer animated with love and care in Unity 🙂 !

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