Bring your imagination to life !

Welcome everyone to Blackthornprod !

I feel like so much has happened since the last post, which was a week ago ! First of all I released the 3rd video of my youtube series : How to make a 2D character customization menu in Unity ! I will be making the fourth video today and hopefully release it some time tomorow ! I now have 72 subscribers, I’m getting nearer and nearer to the 100 subs 🙂 !

I also took action on my game on Fear. Now it is a very interesting project, one without fighting or killing, a game based on story, dialogue and the inner battle we all have, the deadly inner conversation and poisonous words of fear…

The theme and ideas fascinate me, but the game that I was building was a bit of a mess. I’m not going to go in too many details, but in short, making this project was confusing, messy and VERY time consuming. The game logic I created wasn’t good, my scripts weren’t flexible, so I had to end up doing a lot manually.

So I created the first scene of the project, but I’m stopping it for now. Fear, I will definitely make a game on it, but I was getting a little burnt out on the idea, the same thoughts kept looping in my head. So I’m going on a pause for that project, and will come back one or two months later. I know I will be filled with ideas, new insights and better knowledge to create something great !

Instead, I started making a new game called : Bring your imagination to life ! Yep, same words as my slogan ! I’m working on this game with my bro Liam !! It’s been ages since we worked on a game together, the last game we made was Color Shooter, back in November 2016 ! Having Liam as the programmer is awesome, I can focus my attention on the art, animation and design of the game. He also explains to me his scripts so I can tweak them if need be.

We have only been working three days on the project and we have already advanced really well ! Stay tuned to see how things develop ! I won’t post any picture yet, it’s a little too early for that 🙂 .

I’ve also immersed myself once more into Life Drawing. As you may know, I was doing a lot of it up untill January 2017, and then sort of stopped… And since stopping I feel like my drawing skills have stagnated a little. That’s why I’m back in town, dedicating 1 to 1 hour and a half per day on life drawing ! Down below are some of the human figures I’ve created over these past 4 days, I’m quite happy with the result ! Some of the figures (the more polished ones with shadows) were drawn in about 30 minutes. The more ugly, rough sketches are the result of me practising 2 to 5 minute gesture drawings. It’s an extremly difficult exercice, but I know it pays off, and it’s actually enjoyable ! I am probably going to start the 100 drawing challenge, which is draw a hundred times something I find difficult to draw (from life) which currently is everything ! But the hardest for me is probably hands, feet, arms.

I’ll then need to dive into anatomy, portraits, environments, animals… So much to draw, and that is why I have also decided to get myself a sketchbook (I’ve hardly drawn on paper since getting my tablet, using my sketchbooks to write down game ideas instead). I’ll then try completing this sketchbook in two months or less (depending on it’s size).

So a lot of cool things, but to conclude, the end of my summer holiday will be consumed with making Youtube content for my Blackthornprod channel, creating “Bring your imagination to life” with Liam, and do figure drawings !



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