BlackthornProd’s Youtube channel – Now a main project !

Welcome back everyone to BlackthornProd !

Since coming back from the mountains (a week and a day ago) a lot has been going on here at BlackthornProd !

My youtube channel is back in town ! HERE is the link to it 🙂 !

Now I know I’ve already said this before, it isn’t the first time I’ve come back full of motivation, ready to put great content on my channel just to quit one or two weeks later, but this time it’s different !

For now my channel has a few videos : a mini intro to Autodesk Maya, a few animations I made and the indie game dev journal. All these video are extremely HEAVY, by heavy I mean amateur videos that hardly anyone have and will watch. I have bad quality content on my channel, but it’s ok, I am going to keep these videos for now and, FROM NOW, create good quality, interesting videos.

And that’s what I did, I started making a new tutorial series : How to create a simple 2D character customization menu in Unity ! As you can see from the image down below, it’s a very simple looking menu, but it will teach the viewer some interesting techniques and tools that they can then use to create something more complex and complete !

First of all I created the menu by myself and then began work on the series ! Now I didn’t have a camera at my disposal so I filmed the introduction video using the Ipad, as a result some of the images are of mediocre quality (360 p) but everything else, be it what I’m saying, the music, effects, structure and length is really great ! And the reason this video is so much better then my previous attempts is because I put a lot more work into preparing the serie and editing the video ! Work always pays off 🙂 !

For my first videos what I usually did was take my microphone and start talking, I only had a vague idea in my mind such as explain what the move tool does in Maya, which of course resulted in my explanations being long, unclear and boring.

What I’m doing now is writing down everything I have to say in Evernote and then recording myself bit by bit, editing the video afterwards so it looks smooth. And by editing I mean A LOT of editing using Camtasia studio (great tool by the way) !

So yep, for now I have 2 really good, clear videos on my channel, and of course many more in the making ! I also made a new logo and banner for the channel, as well as sleak little intro that plays at the start of my new videos ! I also remade ALL the thumbnails of my channel. So my old videos may be terrible, but it least they look nice from the outside 🙂 !

My serie on how to make a simple 2D customization menu in Unity will be (I believe) 5 videos long (I’ve made 2 for now). It’s a small, down to the point series that is boosting my motivation to expand my channel !

So keep an eye on my channel, subscribing of course would be wonderful and really appreciated !

Other than youtube I’ve slowly been advancing on my game about fear, but more about that in a future post, so stay tuned !


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