BlackthornProd’s next big project idea !

Hey everyone !

It’s that magic time of the year, the summer holidays, it has been for a little more than 2 weeks now. And I’ve not done very much.

I finished my FPS game, The Enemies Within about two weeks ago, it was a great project and a great way to start the summer. Following that project I made in barely two days a cool little birthday card for my dad. And then, for 1 week, almost nothing.

I was on an epic winstreak, having fun and building my portofolio and skill set and then… I got very VERY lazy. Ok, I’ve been lazy for about 1 week, it’s not very much, but it feels like much longer. If you’ve been following some of the blog posts I’ve been writing over the last months, even year, then you’ll realize I have this habit of regretting the time I am not spending on creating. Creating something just makes me feel good, not doing anything gives me a sense of unfulfillment.

Writing this I feel a little strange, I feel like I haven’t done much in a very long time, but it’s only been one week, and I have done some things… It’s a sort of creative obsession… and a strange love for telling myself off !

On the other hand this week of relative peace on the creative side as been resting. My game dev juices have been refilled, ready to be used for my next project, a game this time about fear. Indeed, during this week I have been brainstorming on my next game idea, looking at the ideas I had thought of in the past as well as thinking of new ones. And I have many, but most revolve around stories and themes such as a game about discovery in the deep ocean, filled with mysterious and dangerous creatures or a game illustrating my slogan bring your imagination to life. What I lacked was gameplay ideas !

Around the middle of the week I came up with this interesting idea, a sort of tactical reflex based 2D pixel art game. The idea sounded rather cool (I am not going to go in any details, because it might bore you and I might use the idea in the future) but once I coded the player movement and made some pixel art for the player character, the motivation for the idea, the passion wasn’t really there.

My mum, when playing my FPS The Enemies Within , said to me she loved the story and art as well as the sound effects, but she really didn’t like the shooting part of the game, she didn’t like the gameplay mechanics. So while starting my 2D pixel art game mentioned above (a game also about fights) I said to myself : this game could be cool, but I think I’ll make it in the future, or think about making it in the future, for my next project I would like to make a game with no fighting or killing, a game based around dialogue ! I believe my mum would like a game based around such a thing, and many others, it will be something different.

So in short, my next creation is a heavily story driven game about fear, with no killing or shooting ! I don’t know if it will be fun, that’s not really my goal anyway with this project, I want it to be interesting, my objective is to make people think and enjoy the story ! So of course stay tuned to see how this project develops 🙂 !

Other than brainstorming on game ideas and making some not very good pixel art (need practise as you can clearly see) I have been doing some life drawing. There was a period where I was doing a lot of it, and I really felt my art improve and then… I stopped,  saying to myself “it takes too much time”. But I feel like I should make some time, maybe 45 minutes a day during the summer. Down below are a few human figures I did this week (about 25 minutes per figure which is pretty slow), I haven’t lost my life drawing skills, but I haven’t really improved either, so yep, another project for the summer : life drawing ! You can also see some fun little paintings I did following some quick tutorials on pinterest, they’re not great but it was fun 🙂 !

Lastly I did a few unity tutorials such as how to make a randomly generated 2D level. I didn’t finish the series but the tutorials did show me some interesting techniques and gave me an insight on the mindset one should have when creating a randomly generated map !

So actually when I look back it’s been a good week, I have done a few things and I have also rested my mind for the BIG project to come ! However, more rest will be coming up… 3 hole weeks in the mountains. Every year we go to the mountains, with little computer time, so I will probably not do much, but I will try and start prototyping the game, or I might think of a smaller project, yeah that would be awesome, create a small interesting little game on my dad’s mac with the small portion of time I have ! I will not be bringing my WACOM tablet so the game will have to have either pixel art or very simple geometric characters and environments. So that is my goal (and we will see if I acheive it), come back home with a little game under my belt !

Alright I have talked a lot today, my next post will probably be right after the mountains to tell you what I did or did not do. So cheers everyone !

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