The interesting birthday card I created for my dad !

Hey everyone !

Yesterday it was my dad’s birthday ! And two days before that I had nothing at all for his birthday ! But I didn’t panic, I am quite used to preparing stuff, be it Christmas or Birthdays at the last minute 🙂 . So I sat down, thought for a while and came up with a cool little idea : a mini “game” card.

The rules are extremely simple, there are two words, and my dad has to choose the word he thinks best describe him (example : happy / unhappy), right next to these choices there is a cool little avatar character (in the style of squishy Mood), this avatar represents my dad and the choices he makes change his appearance. Since there are five choices in total to make, the little avatar can end up looking very different !

Making this mini game in two days was like doing a game jam, I had a theme : a game / birthday card / gift and I had about 48 hours to create it (of course I didn’t put in 48 hours, maybe 7-9 max). It was also a fun experiment, it was almost like making a customizable character. After creating this, ideas have jumped to my mind such as a game illustrating my slogan ” Bring your imagination to life “, but nothing is sure for now !


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