How my first FPS is coming along !

Hey everyone !

It has been about three weeks since the last post, and quite a lot has been going on !

First of all I had some important (yet very boring) school exams to pass. Secondly I finished the epic strategy game XCOM 2, to honor the hours I poured into the game I made some character designs in Ps based on the game 🙂 ! I also did some cute, very colorful character designs for a desktop image. These characters are a sort of updated version of the Squishy Mood project I was working on last year. I plan to make more character designs in the future, not only is it great fun but it also gives me some time off the intense game dev journey !

And talking about game dev, I have been working on, as I said in the previous post, my first FPS game project. Things haven’t been going on very well with this project. I feel as if I am advancing at a snails pace, hours of my time are spent staring at (for now) a very gray, bland Unity screen, fixing bugs, playtesting and trying to work magic in my extremely messy C# scripts ! The fact that I am advancing so slowly is wearing on my motivation for this project, more than once did I think of just starting a brand new, more exciting game. But after some thought, stopping now would be silly. At first I thought of making this game really big, but seeing how it’s coming along, the best is to wrap up the project in the next week or two and start fresh.

My initial idea for the game (which as I said, was something very big) is still something I am keeping in the back of my mind 🙂 ! This game here is basically a smaller version of the big thing I will make further down the line !

Still, I think the end result will be great, the story is also interesting, of course stay tuned because as soon as I finish the project I will put it on for playing ! I am putting no images of the game on my blog yet because the scene looks way to boring for now and will probably put you off playing it in the future, but again stay tuned because in a week (or two) the game will be complete 🙂 .

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