My 8th Game Dev Project has officially started ! And I completed the little angry bird replica tutorial !

Hey everyone !

First things first, Day 23 and 24 of my 120 day coding challenge have been used to follow a fun little tutorial from once again, the excellent game dev tutor Brackeys (I definitly urge you to check out his channel if you are interested in game creation) ! I learnt some nice little tricks, especially with Unity’s 2D physics ! Down below is a screenshot of the game, as you can see it is very ugly, I made all assets in exactly 2 minutes, but of course the point was to learn Unity and C# :).

Next up, I have finally started my next game project, and I am VERY exited about it ! This game will be very different from my 7 previous ones.

For the first time in Blackthornprod history, the game will be in a first person view 🙂 I have already coded the player movement which was a little more complex than the basic 3rd person controller I was used to doing. I am, as usual, not going to go in too many details about this project (I rather do that when I have completed the game in the indie game dev journal series I run on Youtube) !

I am very happy the big summer holidays are approaching, I will have plenty of time to pour into this new exciting project (a project that will probably be larger than all the others I have made so far :)) So stay tuned and of course thanks for reading !


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