A quick talk about what is going on in BlackthornProd !

Today wasn’t the best of days !

I have never mentioned this before in any other post (or it least I don’t think I have) but from time to time I go in some sort of creative flop, or block, something like that. And it normally happens when I have finished a project, in this case the Horizontal Kingdom.

When I finish making a game I feel great, I feel like I am progressing, building up my portofolio and my confidence. My problem is finding the idea and in some way the motivation for my next project. Since I have finished my game, so a little more than a week ago, I have been making up game ideas, loads of ideas. But each one doesn’t appeal to me that much. Either I feel they are too similar to other projects (top down shooter thing again) or the project is too complex or too big or simply doesn’t excite me.

So for now I can’t say I have a project in mind, I feel like I am piddling on my computer (having loads of fun with XCOM 2, probably too much).

At the start of the long week end I started making some art for this project. The story for the game was great (and I still think it is great), the problem was I didn’t and still don’t have an idea for gameplay. Good story, great message but no game. Down below you can see some quick drawings I did in Ps for this project, the style is quite interesting but I feel like I could do better. (I am not going to give too much info about the story because I really want my next game to be based on it !)
Other than that I have set my mind to completing one of Brackeys little tutorials on making an angry birds clone, hopefully I will pick up some nice tips and tricks on C# as and 2D physics  !

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