I have completed my first 2D game ! – Horizontal Kingdom !

Hey everyone !

A few days ago I put on Itch.io my very first 2D game made of course, with Unity. It is a frantic strategy / action tower defense game where you must place your characters in the scene to defend your towers ! There are five different characters (miner, healer, defender, archer and bomber), each one has his strengths and weaknesses, I actually made a little menu in my game giving some tips and info on each character as well as tips on how to defeat the enemies !

There are three different enemies : The fire elemental, the ghost and the zombie and, like for the friendly characters, each one has his strengths and weak points !

I am really happy at how the game has turned out, I did a lot of playtesting and refining the dificulty curve so the game is challenging but fare ! And talking about difficulty, I actually made 3 levels : easy (great for players who are trying out the game for the first time), normal (for those who have actually spent a tiny bit of time on the game understanding how it works and up for a little challenge) and of course hard (for the very few that will stick with this small game and want to test their skills, for me the developer who has played a lot and wants a real challenge) !

So this game was a first for Blackthornprod, not only was it a complete new genre (Tower defense) but it also was 2D and I made different difficulties (like Color Shooter except it was my bro Liam who had done it for that game, for this one it was me) !

Now that I have completed this project I am already thinking of the next one ! And I think I already have the right idea 🙂 … but more on that in a futur post !

Since completing this project I have also had time to do Brackeys mini tutorial series on how to make a Quizz game, which was great, I discovered an awesome UI asset pack for Unity that I will be using in my futur projects and I also learnt a great deal about C# lists, which are basically dynamic arrays, meaning I can add and remove items (be it game objects, variables…) while the game is playing !

Lately I have also been completly immersed in the amazing world built by Firaxis, XCOM 2. As I said in previous posts when I mentionned I was playing Divinity, Original Sin, I think it great and important to play games. Not only is it extremly fun and just makes me happy and exited but it also inspires me and reminds me what I am working towards ! It also gives me an idea of what is already out there and makes sure I don’t copy already existing games ! So yeah, XCOM 2, wonderful, both on the story side, wonderful and horrific alien designs, crazy customizable troops and tense, addictive and very challenging combat (even on the lower difficulties) ! I definitly recommend it !

That is all for this post, I definitly urge you to check out my new game Horizontal Defender, I am sure it will entertain you for a couple minutes, and it would mean so much to me 🙂 ! Here is the LINK, you don’t even need to download the game, it will automatically load in your browser !

Have fun and stay tuned, exciting projects coming up !

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