How BlackthornProd’s first complete 2D game is coming along !

Welcome back everybody !

It has been a while since my last post where I talked about the Vicious Cycle game project ! Today I would like to talk about the current game I am working on using of course Unity : a 2D tower defense game !

Untill now I had made 6 mini 3D games : Midnight Fire, Color Shooter, Raining Apocalypse, Surviving Hell, Roundalot, the Vicious Cycle and finally I have overcome my 3D sickness and have dived into the world of 2D game creation for Blackthornprod’s 7th title !

For some strange silly reason I thought I didn’t have the right tools to make 2D game assets (not in pixel art). I felt like I needed a specific animation software like Adobe Flash or Spine. But about three weeks ago I decided I was going to try and make a 2 game character, completly animated using just Photoshop and Unity’s simple animation tools ! So I made a little zombie character. I made sure each one of his body parts (head, body, arms…) was on a separate layer so I could move each one independently afterwards ! Super simple !

With the problem of making 2D game assets out of the way I set out to make my 2D tower defense game I had designed ! One of the reasons I decided to make a tower defense game was because I was doing Brackeys course on how to make one ( top down 3D ) and so I thought it would be a good idea to put the new skills I had learnt into practise by making my own original project.

I have been working on this project for about 3 weeks and it is coming along really well. The game in my opinion looks alive and filled with movement. The art style is round, colorful and cartoony and the game itself is challenging and really strategic. I am not going to go in to many details just yet (not untill I put the game on 🙂 !

Down below you can see some screenshots of some of the characters and actual game ! Of couarse when all the characters are moving and all the in game effects are put into motion the hole thing looks a lot better, so definitely play the game when I put it on and check out the video I will make in the Indie Game dev Journal !

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