The Vicious Cycle V 1.0 !

Hey everyone !!

It has been almost 2 weeks since I completed the first version of my local multiplayer game the Vicious Cycle, and I have finally decided to do a blog post on it !

In my last post I said I was learning how to make a 3D, top down Tower defense game in Unity and C#. This course taught me some awesome tricks (and I am still quite far off from finishing it) but as I have said in some of my other blog posts, the best way to learn in my opinion is actually getting dirty and making projects ! So my head filled with new coding knowledge I have set out to make an interesting tower defense / choice based game, and for the first time in Blackthornprod history (except for my tiny Flappy Bird Clone : Floppy Bat) this game will be 2D ! I have already made great progress in the creation of this brand new Unity game but enough for now about that, now let me talk a bit about the Vicious Cycle 🙂 !



I made the prototype of this game in 1 day, going in a coding frenzy for almost 5 hours. I was really happy at the end of the day because… I had actually made a working (very ugly) game ! I then tested it out with brother Liam and we had loads of fun !
The core mechanic is really simple. Each player controls either a cube, a sphere or a triangle, the cube beats the triangle, the triangle beats the sphere and the sphere beats the cube. They change appearence every 10 seconds so one sec you can be madly chasing your friend, the next he can be chasing you :). The yellow characters in game are controlled by the computer and will try and catch the player with the right shape !
By eating the right shape you gain points, the game ends when one of the player dies (either by getting caught by his friend or losing 3 health or getting off screen), the player with the most points at the end of the game wins !
So the prototype was fun but it needed improvements, both in the gameplay side of things and of course the art. So I changed how the characters move in game, refined the AI, added UI, menus, some special effects with the Unity particle system, sounds from and of course, created some art.
I wasn’t really sure what I wanted for the aesthetics, at first I made a cube, sphere and triangle with some textures and eyes, but I didn’t like them. I then thought of making the game in more of a sci-fi them, with glowing aliens of different colors instead of shapes chasing each other. But after making some concepts I didn’t feel it went really well with the game I had in mind. So in the end, after having thought of leaving the project as a prototype and starting something new, I went back to simple shapes and made extremly basic characters, and applied clean Unity materials to them. And I was really happy with the result, it was simple, fresh and minimalist.
Once finished I put the game on, an amazing place to put games, with a huge community.  If you and a friend or family member have a minute it would be awesome if you tried the game and then tell me what you think of it 🙂 ! I definitely had loads of fun playing with a friend and my bro this week end, and after playing for more than half an hour, we talked about how I could improve the game !
So after that talk, I did see many things to improve on the Vicious Cycle V 1.0, both on the art and design side of things ! So once I finish my new 2D tower defense game I may come back to this project and make Version 2 !
So stay tuned 🙂 !
PS : Remember to check out the new serie I have started on my small Youtube Channel : The indie Game dev Journal, where I talk about the games I have created, and go over some of thr thought process that went into making them ! I will make a video on the Vicious Cycle in the near futur showing some of the actual gameplay and going in more detail into how I made this game. I will also show more images and concepts !


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