Brackeys Tower Defense Course ! – Day 18, 19 and 20 out of 100

Hey everyone !

For the last three days I have been doing full on Brackeys amazing course on how to make a tower defense game inside of Unity !

This course is for intermediate level unity and C# users (in my opinion) and WOW ! I have learnt loads on the game programming side ! I have now finished episode 10 of the serie (out of 28) and definitely plan to continue ! The tutorials of this serie are bringing me through the process of how to make a tower defense game but a lot of what is being used can be used in loads of other games from RPG’s to RTS’s and more !

I haven’t had any problems for now understanding the code but of course, all these tips and tricks I am learning are far from mastered, I will need to create my own project and try and implement these techniques before they really stay in my mind !

I am also digging my brain to come up with my next game project ! (I will do a post on the Vicious Cycle very very soon :)) So I will keep you informed when I come up with that “hopefully” in the near futur !


  1. Keep digging and learning it’s all going to pay off so much, I’m keeping up to date with all your superb progress and motivation!


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