Casual Jewel Mining Game and some more 2D platforming ! Day 16 and 17 out of 100

Hello everyone !

For my coding practise these last 2 days I have done 2 things ! First of all I started Brackeys course on 2D platformers. He started by importing a bunch of assets from the Unity asset store (simple 2D character controller included). So what I did instead was make some extremly simple and ugly assets in Ps (just squares), I then made the 2D platformer controller myself (after having looked at the tutorial on the Unity website). In the third video Brackeys followed up with something pretty though, a parallaxing effect. Rather hard to explain what parallax is (mush easier to show) but in short it gives a feeling of depth to the 2D world !

And then I did a 1 hour long tutorial from the Unity web which showed me how to make a simple Jewel Mining game. This tutorial was pretty easy but it did teach me some more about rays and I also used for the second time the cool Line renderer !

That’s all for this quick post, in the next one I will finally show you the Vicious Cycle (the game I worked on during the holidays (which are now over :() ) ! So stay tuned 🙂 !

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