The Vicious Cycle is advancing super well and the start of a 2D platformer game ! – Day 14 and 15 out of 100

Hey everyone ! Another quick post on how things are coming along in my coding journey !

First of all I am very exited about the Vicious Cycle game, a project I have been working on for little more than a week now ! This project is local multiplayer (something I had never done before), it also made me use an incredible amount Unity’s Tag system and the navMeshAgent ! Some scripts in the project have more than 200 lines of code ! Yes I am probably a very dirty coder and could of probably done the same with less lines of code, but making this project (like Raining Apocalypse, Surviving Hell and Roundalot) all on my own, diving into Unity and C# as well as doing all the art and animation is extremly satisfying ! I really feel like I am becoming a better game developer, there has truly been an incredible amount of progress in the lasts few months ! Again, this game is really quite original so I am not going to go on about the rules and mechanics of it just yet, not untill I publish it somewhere 🙂 !

Now that I have almost finished the Vicious Cycle (I will do a detailed blog post as well as a Youtube video in the indie game dev journal on it) I was starting to think of my next project. And I have decided to exploit Unity’s 2D tools a bit by making a 2D platformer ! I have a great idea that I am going to have to refine in my game design journal (a book that my dad bought me to draw in but since I almost only draw in PS I have used this book to write plans and game ideas) ! So I am half way through making a simple 2D character controller with C#, while doing this I refreshed my mind on how to plug in 2D animations with sprite sheets as well as some simple 2D physics !  

Sometimes I feel like I am jumping from one project to another a little fast, maybe not taking enough time to develop each game and make it into something great that thousands will play. But when I think back and actually play the games I have created I realize that I did take the time to make, to develop these games. They are simply small projects, small building blocks that are growing me as a developer, making me learn, giving me ideas ! All the games I have done up to this point have really been for me 🙂 ! And there is nothing stopping me from using these ideas later on in my career to make better games ! 


Other than that I created the second video on Youtube of my indie game dev journal, this one talks about Color Shooter so check it out if you have a couple minutes !

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  1. Yes this was super, amazing what you are making, keep up the fun and funky ideas, you really are on a roll! I love that you are doing it for you first, that really does seem to be what’s most important at this stage and going with your own flow, your creativity has no bounds!


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