I completed the curve fever replica ! Day 13 out of 100

Today I finished the 1 hour long tutorial of Brackeys which brought me through the process of making a curve fever replica. Simple but extremly fun game to play. I learnt some nice tricks such as Lists in C# and Unity’s super cool line renderer component as well as the edge collider which will probably come in handy some day or another !

I also added some UI (something Brackeys did not do) to tell the players who had won the game !

The next tutorials I have in mind are from Sebastian Lague (I might do his intro to Unity and C# which is actually pretty advanced) or I may do Brackeys course on 2D platformers. I am also tempted to start making a 3D FPS game (once I finish the Vicious Cycle) which would be cool, give me some time off making 3rd person top down games !

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