The start of the indie game dev journal and starting the curve fever replica tutorial with Brackeys ! – Day 12 out of 100

Hey everyone !

Blackthornprod’s Youtube channel is back in town ! Since restarting my channel in the summer of 2016 I haven’t been doing any more tutorials or videos ! But I thought it would be great to show my progress in game development somewhere else than my blog and in a more visual way.

Si I decided to start a serie called “The Idie game dev journal” where I will showcase each game I have created (for the projects to come even show the game in development) and talk about how I made it, the softwares used, difficulties encountered and plans I have for the futur ! Showing a video of me playing the game is also a great way to show what the game does, talk about it’s design, present the animations and much more ! So if you are interested in checking out the first episode click on the link right HERE ! In this episode I talk about the very first game I created : Midnight Fire !

Other than that I started making a game (following a tutorial with Brackeys, a great game developer/youtuber). It is basically a TRON like game (local multiplayer) where the two players are trying to survive the longest possible by not touching their opponent’s tail ! Very fun game to play and for now great to make ! I have discovered a new, very interesting C# tool : Lists, which are basically dynamic arrays (so arrays that can have items removed and added while the game is being played !).

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  1. Oh yes this was a cool first game, I was already so impressed with this first game you made!


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