I completed the prototype of the Vicious cycle ! – Day 11 out of 100

As I mentioned in the previous post I was prototyping a game that I have entitled the Vicious cycle using Unity and C# !

It felt great, coding the game, seeing it come together piece by piece ! I then playtested it with my bro Liam and it was actually really fun !

We then discussed ways of improving the game and came up with tons of excellent ideas ! I am not going to go in any further details about this project (except that it is really original and very fun to play) but as of today, I and Liam are going to start building this game.

I will be the game artist, bringing life to a bunch of new characters, animating and exporting everything into Unity. I will also be the lead game designer, figuring out all rules and game mechanics while Liam will be by my side as lead game programmer (I will be helping him with the code and this will also be a great opportunity for him to teach me some new stuff, even though I am getting better and better and the level difference in between us on the coding side is getting slimer and slimerĀ ).

So very exciting project, I will probably start a side project while making this to continue coding completly on my own and test new interesting things inside of Unity !

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