Prototyping in Unity and C# ! – Day 9 and 10 out of 100

Hi everyone and welcome back !

I completly forgot to a blog post for yesterday’s coding hour (but I did do it !) and so I figured I would quickly talk about what I did today and yesterday in this blog post !

So for the last two days I have not been watching any tutorials (even though I have a long list of great looking tutorials that I am sure will make me progress in many different ways). Instead I prototyped two different games !

For those of you who don’t know prototyping a game is basically using ugly placeholder art like cubes and spheres and blocking in the main game logic, actually making a functional game very quickly. Thanks to my slowly increasing skill at using C# and Unity I was able to go from an idea I had on paper to a working game very fast !

The first game idea I had (“Flag Wars”) wasn’t a very good idea at all, but I hardly used up any time on it ! Instead I jumped into Unity, threw in some simple sprites and coded, no fancy art involved. It also forced me to use a bunch of new C# techniques !

The second game I have prototyped is a local multiplayer game called the Vicious Cycle ! I am not going to go in any details about this one just yet, I still need to test it out, but this game may be worth pursuing into something bigger ! Anyway very happy about my prototyping sessions… I must have coded about 8 hours in total yesterday and today, which is a huge amount for me who, only a 1 or 2 months ago, didn’t code at all !

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