Having a look at 2D character controllers in Unity – Day 8 out of 100

So I have finally made my plan for game programming !

I had fun browsing the internet and came up with a great list of tutorials. And for starters I will be diving into some 2D by doing the playlist on the unity website intitled : Live Sessions on 2D.  This series will bring me through loads of 2D tools in Unity, it will also will bring me through how to make a catch game, scrolling backgrounds and an angry bird replica !

Yesterday I almost completed the second video which went through the process of how to make a 2D character controller, from importing the sprite sheet, making animations out of it with the animator to coding it in C# ! In day 9 I will complete this character controller by adding a jump !

Once I have finished this series I may go on to the more advanced series on 2D platformers (also on the unity web) or learn how to use raycasting and shooting mechanics by making a first person shooter (which could be fun since I have only dug into top down, third person games so far).


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