It’s the Holidays… and I need a detailed plan for my coding hour ! Day 7 out of 100

I waisted my time during this hour ! I learnt nothing at all !

All I did was finish the mini frogger game from Brackeys and then I piddled ! I browsed the internet, jumping from one topic to another, 2D platformers, FPS controllers, raycasting…

Typical mistake that I sort of made two days ago.

Anyway it is the holidays now, so I will be fully rested and alert to do some serious game development. And I am going to start by taking a blank sheet of paper, and I am going to say exactly what I want to do, both in game programming and in my game projects !

And so if I say such day I want to learn more about camera scripting, then I will do that without getting side tracked by other stuff, I will focus all my energy on that one concept !

I always get caught in the huge internet trap full of ressources, always ! But hopefully today will be the last day this happens, actually I correct myself, it will be the last day ! I have so much to learn and do, from playing to creating, so I really can’t afford losing my time piddling.

So see you tomorow where I will not only explain what I did and learnt, but also give you a detailed plan of what I have in mind for the holidays !

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