Learning some 2D game dev basics in Unity – Day 6 out of 100

Hey everyone !

Today I had a great time looking at an awesome Youtuber : Brackeys. He does loads of game dev tutorials with Unity and C#, go and check him out if you are interested in game dev with Unity, you will surely find something of interest in the vast number of videos he has created !

So while checking out his channel I clicked on the latest video he had created : how to make a frogger replica. For those of you who don’t know frogger is an old but very fun arcade game. And so I ended up following along.

I am half way through it’s creation and I have learned a few very interesting tricks such as how to make 2 different types of 2D character controllers and how to use sorting layers to render a 2D object in front or behind. Once I have finished this frogger tutorial I am going to do some of the 2D tutorials on the unity website. Because once I finish my mini RPG, I am planning to make a 2D game, so I need to have some understanding at how some of the 2D stuff works !


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