Redoing some of the flappy bird scripts and some piddling… – Day 5 out of 100

Ouch ! Today, when I started my coding session at around 19 : 30 I didn’t have a really clear idea of what I wanted to do, so guess what hapened ?

I didn’t do much at all. I put on Timeneye wich is my time tracker and I got caught browing the multitude of tutorials available online, from Youtube to the Unity official website. Today has taught me a valuable lesson that I should have known already : prepare my precious full time coding hour, and research on things I feel like I need to improve on instead of getting excited at the sight of a brand new series !

Still, I did manage to redo some of the key scripts seen while making the flappy bird replica ! When I made that game only a week ago I hadn’t completly understood some of the scripts, and I felt annoyed by that (the series was meant for absolute beginners after all !). So I went back and took some time trying to really understand the scripts, and then I went inside of Unity and redid everything !

Anyway you can be sure that tomorow I will have a nice clean to do list ! So see you for day 6 !

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