C# bits and bobs – Day 4 out of 100

4th hour out of a hundred and my motivation is has strong as ever !

Today I finished all the 2 minute mini videos on the beginner C# series on the Unity website.

These videos were quick but down to the point and clear. They taught me some great things and also got me interested in many C# concepts I am going to dig into in futur days !

Today I learnt about the Lerp function, which basically interpolates two values. For example if you lerp the value 5 and 10 by 0.5 (50 %) you will get the value 7.5. I had seen this used in a couple of tutorials I have done over my tiny game dev career and I had never really understood what it did, but now I know crystal clear 🙂 ! So what I did to put this into practise was make a light in Unity and slowly lowered it’s intensity by lerping it’s initial intensity value to 0 !

I also discovered invoke, which calls a void function after a certain amount of time, crazy useful ! I also learnt how to destroy components on game objects and had a brief look at enums (which I more or less understand but am not quite sure where I could use it, must do some extra research on enums).

Now that I have finished these tutorials and have a boosted, renewed confidence in my programming skills I am going to dig further into C#. So I am probably going to take some time and make myself a complete list of futur things to do (I already have a list but it isn’t very well structured).

Other than that, looking forward to the holidays where I will have the time to wrap up my mini RPG and start some very exciting projects I have in mind !


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