100 Day game programming challenge has started ! – Day 1

Hey everybody !

While working on various game projects I have realized something (and not for the first time) that coding is really hard, but it is also essential to making the things I love : games.

Be it platformers, survival, strategy games or any type of game coding is involved, it is a vital step, extremely hard, but also incredibly fulfilling. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing your game come to life !

And I, working to become a game developer, need to greatly improve this skill, I need to spend more time on it ! True I have made a couple games and I have done quite a bit of code over this year and a half, but nowhere near enough to really get good. So that is why I have made myself a promise, I will, on top of working on various projects, commit myself to do minimum 1 hour a day for 100 days of pure C# learning !

I will sit in front of the computer with a plan in mind and get cracking on learning a concept of game programming with C# like arrays, loops, Vectors, structs and more ! And I will do a mini blog post everyday explaining what I just did, what I have learned, understood as well as my current thoughts on programming, the many problems I may have faced, my fears and plans for the futur.

So let’s start with Day 1 out of 100.

Today I went over to the official Unity website and I started the beginner game programming with C# series of lessons. Even though I do have a rather good understanding (in my opinion) of certain concepts (I have made 5 games after all, 2 of which were done completly alone) I still went over some basics like variables and functions and learned some very interesting things such as making different function types. (before I was only using the void function type but I have now understood the use of making int, float, string… types).

Covering these beginner concepts of course boosted my confidence but I really didn’t want to stay there too long, so I then watched a tutorial on loops and some basics of moving an object with Vectors and the transform.position command.

I was really happy at the end when I solved this annoying bug in the Unity console, which reminded me how great it feels, how smart one feels when he gets these almost gibberish commands and lines of code to actually do something !

I really have tons and tons to learn, so many things about C# simply don’t make much sense to me, but they will in the futur ! So see you tomorow for day 2 !


  1. Great start ! Stick to these 100 days, no exceptions and you’ll see massive improvements in your coding skills ! xxx


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