Floppy Bat and BlackthornProd’s RPG progress

It has been about 1 week and a half since our last post, where I talked about my RPG plan with my brother Liam Calice !

We have indeed advanced quite a bit since that post. To recap, the game we want to make is a small (very very very small) sandbox RPG were you play this little boy thirsty for adventure and treasure ! You will explore this tiny world, picking up interesting arrows to shoot, talking to some NPC’s for stories and quest threads and of course battling monsters.

This game, like all our games for now, is not being made to sell and have huge success over, it is to practise and have fun ! Since I have always loved Dungeons and Dragons and have recently poured a few hours into the amazing RPG game : Divinty, Original Sin, I felt that making an RPG would be awesome… and for now the process as been great !

I have done a few C# programming lessons with Liam which have been amazing. In each one of those sessions we added some mechanic or functionality to our game. And as I said in the previous post, after finishing the script, I feel enlightened, I really understand so much better the way the code actually works !

The down side is that these lessons with Liam are a little too rare. Our lead game programmer is a little too busy and a bit low on motivation for game dev at the moment. So my plan is, grab him when I can, try and get the most out of him when possible, but otherwise really advance on my own.

For now we have really put in place the basics of our game, like character movement, shooting arrows and enemy movement. So when the player gets at a certain distance from an enemy, the enemy will start to follow the player to try and attack him ! I also managed to put in place a simple dialogue system, so when the player gets near his grandpa he can talk to him and as result, learn things about the world. I also made a simple opening and closing treasure chest where the player will be able to find arrows, quest hints and more !

Down below you can see images of some of the assets that I have made for now such as the rock monster, grandpa NPC character and player. You can also see some top down images of the game with a couple environmental pieces such as trees, grass tufts and rocks !

So that’s the news of how Blackthornprod’s first mini RPG is coming along.

Secondly, I have made in about two days a small 2D game called Floppy Bat. I made this following a series of tutorials on the Unity website. It taught me some valuable tricks on how to work in 2D inside of Unity.

Untill now as you may have noticed I had only made 3D games using Maya for the art, but 2D games is something I really want to get into for a couple reasons :

Firstly for the 2D visual style. 3D is great, you can make amazing things in 3D but it is very different to 2D. So on an art and animation point of vue, working in 2D, making game assets inside of Ps is something that attracts me greatly ! Tons and tons of games I absolutely worship and am inspired by are 2D such as Duelyst, Don’t starve, Hearthstone (even though it does have 3D maps) and the binding of isaac just to name a few !

Secondly working in 3D as a solo game developer can be much more time consuming and hard. There are many more phases to go through when making a ready made 3D game asset such as concept art, modeling, UV mapping, texturing, rigging and finally animation whereas for 2D all you need to do is draw your asset, animate using either a frame by frame or bone based method and make a sprite sheet(some times not even needed) !

Making a 2D game also takes much less memory and computer power, which is a great bonus !

So with that motivation for 2D game dev in mind, I followed those lessons, learnt some nice 2D tricks from 2D Colliders and Rigidbodies to sorting layers and ended up with Floppy Bat ! So to recap the game idea and overall design isn’t mine, it is basically a Flappy Bird clone, the code isn’t mine either, I wrote it all while following the Unity series, but I did make all the art (100 % BlackthornProd) ! As you can see I used the pixel art style for the game, a style I have recently grown very inspired and fond of, and as result, intend to make much more of !

So this game was really my take off point for many more unique Blackthornprod 2D games !

But for now, I must advance and complete my mini 3D RPG ! So see you in a next post where I will tell you how that is coming along !



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