BlackthornProd’s RPG plan !

Welcome back everyone !

Since the last post Blackthornprod’s love for the gaming world as grown even more as I delv into the amazing worlds of the Witcher, Assassin Creed Blackflag and Divinity Original Sin !

I have also continued learning C# programming even though I must say things have been running quite slowly since my latest game I created with Unity : Surviving Hell. As you must know by now I am not a natural programmer, and most tutorials on game programming are either in my opinion very complex or simply not well explained !

So I feel like I am hitting dead ends, going through the first lessons of a few series here and there then just quitting because I don’t feel I am getting anything out of them. I have so many ideas in my head but I can’t really bring them to life right now. On top of that I am not spending any time on art and animation !

The only thing I am doing well right now is playing games, I am seriously enjoying playing games but even that doesn’t feel as nice as it could because I lack my own good structured projects !

But me and Liam have made a decision, he is going to teach me game programming !

So we sat down together and for about one hour he brought me through the process of creating a simple 3rd person player controller in C# and Unity.

True I had done it on my own with Surviving Hell but I hadn’t really understood how I did it, I just searched for a script and copied it. Which is fine, a lot of game developers take art or code online to add to their project, but it wasn’t making me progress on the coding level. For now I do know some good basics on programming but I was finding it very hard to get past that extreme beginner level.

But WOAW, what an excellent tutor Liam is! There is such a huge difference inbetween learning from Youtube or Udemy and learning from an actual person that can answer every single one of your questions and help you fix your problems ! I understood so much from that single hour and am really looking forward to do more lessons, seriously, Liam is amazing! Not only am I going to improve this way but after a couple of good lessons with Liam I am also going to be able to follow with much more ease the other tutorials online !

So yep, I am really happy about that but to make things even more exciting, as he teaches me we are slowly but surely going to put together an RPG game ! We don’t have an exact idea yet of what we want this game to look like, all we have for now is a minimal viable product listed in evernote but we definitely intend to develop this game. I am also going to get my pens and good old softwares out like Maya and Zbrush Core and start creating the art for this new game ! I am very exited about this project, not only will it test my art, storytelling and game design skills, but it is also a great way for me and Liam to programm together ! He will explain me each script he creates, challenge me and make me redo his scripts so I get better and better and also have a wide overview of the entire pipeline. Of course this game may require some more advanced level scripts which he may think are not up to my level yet, but it least, as opposed to the two other games I created with Liam, I will have an insight on the code creation of this project !

Normally I wouldn’t just jump into a project with such a vague idea of what game I want to make but for this particular period I believe it to be a great idea. It is going to leave us great liberty in trying out new things, testing techniques and having fun. Of course I have already been brainstorming on the details (and I can tell you it’s going to be excellent) but I think I have said enough for this one post ! Just know that Noa, Blackthornprod’s CEO is cooking up with Liam Blackthornprod’s very own RPG while learning how to programm !


  1. Love your (lengthy) post Noa ! Great as long as Liam sticks to the plan 😉 cool and move forward big boy and… happy birthday 🙂


    1. Hehe Thanks a lot ! Yes the post is quite lengthy but I have so much to say, much more than what is in this post actually. And yes, Liam will stick to the plan, he is currently very motivated and exited about our project, but even if he doesn’t I will have a plan B in store ! As long as I am here , with or without a super programmer/tutor BlackthornProd will not fail 🙂 !


  2. Super post! So happy Liam can help you out, all that programming sounds so difficult, if he can let you see the light there, I’m sure so many doors can open up for you, you’re testing, learning and it’s all such a wonderful process, keep at it and with a good tutor like Liam you will break through!! GO!


    1. Thanks ! Yes we intend to go for it ! Keep following this blog to see what happens next 🙂 !


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