Chibi game of thrones characters

Hi everyone !

In this post I am going to share with you a couple of cool cute game of thrones characters I made in Ps !

Being a huge fan of the series I really wanted to create some chibi little illustrations of my personal favorite characters. This little project was very fun and also quite challenging bringing real people and creating their cute, cartoony version while still keeping them recognizable. Chibi game of Thrones Characters


  1. Hi Noa. I love these. I currently have a (Primarily) Game Of Thrones dedicated YouTube channel and I would love to use these illustrations on the banner art for the channel. Of course I will credit you in the description of every video and in the ‘About’ section on my channel.

    Would this be okay with you, if not then of course I will search elsewhere it’s just that your illustrations were my first choice.

    Hope to hear from you,


    Youtube Channel:


    1. Hey Dom ! I am really happy to hear you like these chibi characters so much ! Definitly go ahead and use them for your Youtube channel (which I have checked out and like a lot :)) ! Cheers, Noa !


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